Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Curriculum Overview 2017-2018

Child-initiateRelated imaged time or child-led learning supports children in having ideas and being in control of their learning. We want to encourage children to learn through first-hand experiences, allowing them to choose which resources and how to use them.

Our classrooms will be areas to ensure  the different needs of play can enable children to participate in child initiated activities and use the space to build on their ideas and experiences.  The environment should encourage investigation and exploration to take place and the outdoor environment is a great way to nurture the minds of children and encourage child led play. The large open spaces at Langley Park Primary Academy enable children to use their imagination and problem-solving skills to develop their play.

From September 2017 each year group will be given a curriculum overview, taken from the National Curriculum. The termly overview will then be planned and the children will be involved in this planning from the start. We want to encourage exploration, creativity and independence throughout the curriculum, with the children dictating the direction of learning for themselves. Below is an overview for each year group, we have ensured that by the end of Year 6, all the skills from the National Curriculum will have been covered.

Year1 Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

Year 2 Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

Year 3 Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

Year 4 Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

Year 5 Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

Year 6 Curriculum Plan 2017-2018

You will find the Medium Term Plans for each year group on the year group curriculum pages.