Dates and Times

Dates and Times

Times of the Day

08.45am: 1st Bell – pupils make their way to the line – all to be in line by 2nd Bell

(Parents should stand at the back of the playground)

If it’s raining, the children will come straight into the classroom on their arrival to the playground. Parents, please do not come into the classroom with the children.

08.50am: Registration closes – Registration to be completed on Pupil Asset using the correct codes.

08.50am: First Morning Lessons Start

10.30am: Pupil Break for Key Stage 1

10.45am: Morning Lessons Resume

11:45pm: Lunchtime starts for EYFS

12.00pm: Lunchtime starts for KS1

12.15pm: Lunchtime starts for KS2

13.00pm: Afternoon lessons begin for EYFS & KS1

13:15pm: Afternoon lessons begin for KS2

14:45pm: Pupil Break

15.00pm: Enrichment sessions begin for all children

15.45pm: End of Day for all children

Term dates for 2016/2017

Autumn 1: 5.09.16 – 14.10.16 (INSET Day on 5.09.16 and 6.09.16)

Autumn 2: 30.10.16 – 21.12.16 (INSET Day on 4.11.16)

Spring 1: 4.1.17- 9.2.17 (INSET Day on 10.2.17)

Spring 2: 20.2.17 – 31.3.17

Summer 1: 18.4.17 – 26.5.17

Summer 2: 5.06.17 – 19.7.17 (INSET Day on 20.7.17 and 21.7.17)


Term dates for 2017/2018

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