Year 1 Curriculum Planning 2018-2019

Year 1 Curriculum Planning 2018-2019

We have started using the IB Framework to approach our teaching and learning this year. Our children have been keen to be involved in the planning and each term builds on their interests and ideas.

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In Term 1 we explored ‘Who We Are’ with particuluar focus about our families. We used the book ‘Grace and Family’ by Mary Hoffman and explored our own families.



In Term 2 we decided that we would like to put on our own Pantomime. So, the children will be visiting the Hazlitt Theatre, finding out about the Pantomime traditions and planning and producing their own pantomime for their Christmas Show. Please find the planning below:

Pantomime Year 1 Walk Through

Term 3’s focus is ‘Up, Up, Up and Away’. Our planning can be found below. The topic will look at air, space and space travel.  This will be added to as the term develops and the children show further interests and ask more questions.Image result for up, up and away

Year 1 Space walk through term 3



Term 4 is all about Lending a Hand. The children will be looking at local charities as well as

Image result for charitymore well known ones such as Red Nose Day. They will decide the best way to help these charities and why we have them. Planning below:

PYP Term 4 – Lend a Hand



Term 5 will let us learn about key people and their beliefs and how these may have shaped our lives today. Below is the start of our planning which will develop as the children ask more questions and what to find out more about particular areas of interest.

PYP Term 5 – My thoughts, my beliefs

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Term 6 we will again be learning about key people and their beliefs, focussing on how human perspective may change the rights, wellbeing and population of animals, plants and the world.

PYP Term 6 – My thoughts, my beliefs