Year 2 Curriuclum Planning 2018-2019

Year 2 Curriuclum Planning 2018-2019

Year 2 circus walk through term 3 (1)We have started using the IB Framework to approach our teaching and learning this year. Our children have been keen to be involved in the planning and each term builds on their interests and ideas.

Term 1 allowed the children to explore their ‘Rights and Responsilbities’. They found out about some real-life heroes and then decided to set up our School Council. The children investigated the parliamentary process, made their own ballot boxes and sent a video to all other class about what they needed to do and why. We now have our first School Councillors – well done Year 2, Democracy in Action. Planning below:Image result for school council

Y2 Term 1 2018-2019 Plan



Related imageTerm 2 is all about helping Mrs Davies find the right honeymoon destination. The children will be learning about different types of holiday, interviewing a travel agent and setting up a travel agency for parents to decide on the best destination.

Planning below:

Year 2 Term 2 Planning




In Term 3, Year 2 are learning about the Circus. What is this cultural experience, how has it changed through the years and what would a circus of the future look like?

Image result for circus images

Planning can be found here: Year 2 circus walk through term 3 (1)