Year 3 Curriculum Planning 2018-2019

Year 3 Curriculum Planning 2018-2019

We have started using the IB Framework to approach our teaching and learning this year. Our children have been keen to be involved in the planning and each term builds on their interests and ideas.

Image result for this is meIn Term 1 the children considered their own hopes and dreams for the future in their ‘This is Me’ project. They met with some residents from Ashely Garden Care Home to find out about their lives and what they had wanted. The children then decided to focus on our community and what was wonderful about Langley Park and wrote, produced and appeared in their own video.

Y3 Term 1 2018-2019 Plan

Term 2 is all about ‘Why Here?’ Why is it that people settled in key areas? Why did people live in  Maidstone and what makes people move here now? To find out more have a look at the planning below.

Year 3 Planning Term 2

Image result for our world


Term 3 is about the ‘Three P’s; Protect, Preserve and Prosper’. What are the difficulties affecting our planet? What can we do about them? The planning shows the starting point for the term. T3 PYP Walkthrough Map