The Foundation Stage Curriculum: Nursery and Reception

At Langley Park Primary Academy, we offer a curriculum rich in awe and wonder. Our Early Years team have carefully designed the curriculum to maximise opportunities for our youngest learners to develop their language skills through exciting and interactive learning experiences, all taking place in a warm, nurturing environment where every child’s well being is at the heart of everything we do. 

Through high quality interactions with staff during our ‘play and explore’ times as well as carefully planned adult led learning experiences children are able to develop our core learner attributes that enable them to develop a love of learning that will follow them throughout their time at LPPA:

  • Caring
  • Open-minded
  • Reflective
  • Risk-Taker
  • Inquirer
  • Communicator
  • Thinker
  • Knowledgeable 
  • Balanced
  • Principled

Staff work together to plan a series of inquiries that inspire pupils to develop their own agency within their learning, encouraging them to communicate their ideas at an early age and develop a passion for finding out about and caring for the world around them.

Through these exciting learning experiences pupils are able to make strong progress throughout the Early Years, enabling them to meet the Early Learning Goals at the end of the Reception Year. Ensuring that they are ready for their next step of learning as they move to Year One.

At Langley Park Primary Academy we believe the environment in which children learn is paramount in ensuring children feel safe, secure and happy to ‘have a go’ and explore the world around them. We work tirelessly to ensure that our environments are welcoming, exciting and challenging in equal measure.

Across the year each class will focus upon different central ideas as a basis for their inquiry for that term, following the principles of the Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Nursery (Seedlings)

  • Who We Are: People Learn and Care for Others
  • How We Organise Ourselves: We All Have a Role to play in the world
  • How We Express Ourselves: Storytelling connects us with others.
  • Sharing the Planet: Plants play an important role in our lives.
  • Where We Are in Time and Place: The World is Special to Everyone

Reception (Apollo/Discovery)

  • Who We Are: People Learn and Care for Others.
  • How We Express Ourselves: Celebrations Cause Happiness.
  • How the World Works: We connect and Understand the World Through Patterns.
  • Where We Are in Place and Time: The Environment Influences How We Live.
  • Sharing the Planet: Humans and Animals depend on each other for their needs.

If you do have any questions in regards to our Early Years Curriculum please do speak to a member of the EYFS team.