School Meals ~ Olive Dining

School Meals ~ Olive Dining

All children in Year R, 1 and 2 are currently entitled to a free school dinner. Olive Dining is our school caterer and the children have an enormous choice everyday. Pick from a main school lunch, vegetarian option or jacket potato with fresh salad for a main course and then either fresh fruit, yoghurt or a main school pudding.

The dinners are so good the staff often order one too!

The children are expected to queue for their lunch and then clear at the end – this encourages independence and responsibility, staff are there to help and we don’t mind spillages. From Year 3 the school dinners are £2.40 to be paid to Olive Dining directly. We would encourage all children to have a school dinner as we feel this sets them up ready for learning for our longer afternoon.

If your child has an allergy or food intolerance, please speak to the staff who will be happy to help.

The latest menus from Olive Dining are below:

September Menu Wks 1, 4 & 7

September Menu Wks 2 & 5

September Menu Wks 3 & 6

For more information about Olive Dining please go to: http://olivedining.co.uk/

Our lovely Olive Dining Staff are here to help and are there to ensure the children eat well, eat healthily and try new things. We host theme days throughout the year – come along to one of our tasting sessions and we’re sure you’ll see why so many children sign up for school dinners.

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