Specialist Resource Provision (SRP)

Specialist Resource Provision (SRP)

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The SRP known as PIP Class is situated within Langley Park Primary Academy.  When the academy is fully built, the SRP will comprise of two classrooms, one situated downstairs for children in EYFS, year 1 and year 2, and one classroom situated upstairs for children in years 3 – 6. There is a secure playground and the children have complete access to the main school facilities. It is an appropriate educational setting for fifteen primary aged children (4-11 years old), who experience difficulties in social communication, language and accessing the curriculum due to a primary diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition (Previously ASD).

This video explains autism and is appropriate to be shared with children.

What is Autism?

Watch this video to find out how Autism can affect your hearing, click here.

Watch this video to find out what it’s like to grow up with Autism, click here.

For further information please see the following documents:

For an explanation about our SRP and information regarding how this resource works please read  Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) for Children with ASC

This document explains PIP class using children friendly language and symbols.  SRP Autism

Please find out PiP Aims policy here.