Home Learning

Home Learning


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We feel that children learn best when their interest is sparked and they are allowed to demonstrate their understanding in their own way. At the same time there are some things that children just need to know.

Home learning at Langley Park Primary Academy consists of a range of activities. 

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Spellings: A set of spellings are sent home weekly and will be tested.



Reading: Please involve your child in reading as often as possible, this could be:

  • you listening to them read
  • them listening to you read
  • reading signs in their environment
  • playing reading and spelling games

We want children to read for enjoyment and so please don’t feel you have to only read the school reading books. Comics, online reading games, magazines and instructions are all great ways to help children engage with the reading process.

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Home learning activities: Each year group will produce a list of different activities that the children can choose from linked to the terms learning. We want children to enjoy their learning and so this list should include options from across the curriculum and could include cooking, going for a walk, creating 3D models etc. If parents want to get involved, then please do – we’ve had some amazing pieces of homework which have been joint projects!Image result for times tables

Times Tables: Please keep these going at home. There are some great online activities for these, including songs, dances and games.